ECAAR Economists Allied for Arms Reduction
ECAAR Membership

ECAAR seeks to provide a forum for all interested economists who feel committed to advancing the causes of world peace and arms reduction. To that end, we maintain an open membership policy. Having established a background in economics, and paid a nominal membership fee, all interested parties will gain access to all ECAAR activities.

After joining ECAAR, members enjoy access to ECAAR events and publications, as well as opportunities to contribute to ongoing research and policy analysis. ECAAR seeks to publish as many co-authored papers and essays as we can while maintaining our high standards of quality and academic rigor. To that end ECAAR will offer members in good standing opportunities to develop and publish scholarly works, as well as meticulously researched pieces of advocacy.

Our News
April 9, 2011

As of 2007, ECAAR changed its name to Economists for Peace and Security, EPS. Since we reverted to our original name. But our mission remains unchanged: to promote and disseminate research on global security issues. We propose arms reduction as a way of attaining world peace and security.