ECAAR Economists Allied for Arms Reduction
Who We Are

ECAAR is an organization of and for economists and business leaders promoting objective economic analysis around issues involving global security, peace and the world economy. Further ECAAR stresses the importance of driving appropriate action.

More specifically ECAAR consists as a forum for economists and related social scientists to share and exchange ideas on international security, arms control and conversion. Additionally we foster development of new research into military technology, national military budgets, and conflict resolution. In general ECAAR sees our domestic economy as so dependent on military spending that future conflicts appear inevitable, which leads to an unsustainable direct and indirect cost to our society in human lives. Here at you can find information on conferences, memberships and affiliates, newsletters and publications.

Recent News
April 9, 2011

As of 2007, ECAAR changed its name to Economists for Peace and Security, EPS. Since we reverted to our original name. But our mission remains unchanged: to promote and disseminate research on global security issues. We propose arms reduction as a way of attaining world peace and security.